The Problem with Fear

At Drapiza Gallery, we know: Creativity is hampered by many things, but, perhaps, the worst is fear. Look at the creative works of a child. They have no fear, no worries about how others will view their self-expression and their work is beautiful and free as a result. It’s only as you grow up that your outlook changes and you start to allow fear to take over.

Fear is something you choose for yourself. It is something that separates you from others and keeps you in the dark. Jack Canfield is credited with saying these particular words of wisdom: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” To reach the greatness that is yours, you have to choose to disregard, to push beyond your fear.

Fear can be a destructive force that we often allow into our lives without even realizing it. Maybe it is a small fear, maybe something that seems harmless. A fear that nobody will be able to properly appreciate your creative work, that they won’t “get it” because of its uniqueness or special meaning to you. That fear keeps you from sharing yourself and your point of view with those who could truly enjoy or learn from it.

Or perhaps it is a fear that seems more massive. Perhaps it is a fear of failure or rejection: Something that keeps you from showing your work to others. Such a fear can keep you from growing. By never receiving an objective opinion, you limit what you are able to do by narrowing your view, keeping your work from those who could help, which – ultimately – keeps you from reaching your full potential.

“Fear is only temporary. Regret lasts forever!” Pete Wilson knew what he was talking about when he delivered this quote. Fears change, growing with us if we don’t keep them controlled. However, regrets stay the same and keep with us, long after our fears are dead and buried. If you want to be creative, to share your work with others, and to grow: Let go of the fears that hold you back.

Take control of your fears and you will help your creativity to flourish in ways you can’t imagine.

Kiana Lin

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