Creativity: Inherently Human

Creativity: a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed, whether intangible or physical.

Did you know that the gift of creativity is inherently human? It is true that some people show their creativity in seemingly more astonishing ways while others are creative in a more subtle way. Neither creative inclination, however, is better than the other, and yet, one is more undervalued than the other.

Society has made it seem that creativity is only held by those who wield it in a large, sweeping manner: Dancers, painters, musicians, writers, etc. If you meet any such individual, they are often described a creative. However, come into contact with a scientist, architect, or engineer and you are less likely to hear the word. What is worse is that it is a deeply ingrained sentiment, often making a quite incredible and talented individual feel like they have no creative input or expression. Society has made people believe that creativity is not widespread.

On the contrary, creativity is not so much widespread as it is ever-present. Everyone you come into contact with has the capacity for great creativity. Regardless of how they use or nurture it, everyone is born a creative, free-thinking individual with the ability to express themselves. That’s not to say it won’t take work to uncover what way they express that creativity. Some take to a form of self-expression at a young age, while others suppress or experiment with it until they are able to find the way that best suits them.

Either way, creativity is something everyone possesses: You simply have to accept that it may be your own brand of creativity and not waste it on wishing it was like someone else’s.

Kiana Lin

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