Meet Rudy Drapiza

Rudy DrapizaMeet Rudy Drapiza

At the age of five, when Rudy Drapiza was handed his first paintbrush, he became one of the fortunate few who knew from childhood what he was destined to do in life. Rudy comes from a family of professional artists, including his grand­father, father, and several uncles. Rudy has painted daily for over forty-five years. His earliest images reflected diverse scenes from his homeland, the Philippines. It was there that he began to develop his fluid, sweeping style touched with delicacy, insight, and sometimes a bit of whimsy.
Rudy showing off his artwork

Professional Artist

Rudy first entered the professional art world in 1973 when he moved to the United States. He is equally at ease with acrylics, oils, and watercolors. His biggest specialty has been as a decorative muralist. Rudyʼs soaring murals are often two stories or higher. They are experienced as a sensory montage that beckons immersion into the scene itself. Rudy has been commissioned by numerous commercial patrons wishing to provide their clients with the feeling of his tranquil, yet captivating landscapes. Florida Hospitalʼs commission to create murals in their cardiac ICU waiting area and their on-campus behavioral center are outstanding examples of this.

Private collectors have commissioned work depicting the warmth and elegance of his painting style. He considers it a great reward to create pieces that bring anotherʼs visions to reality.


Personal LifeRudy Painting an Owl

Rudyʼs diverse talents have been featured on television, on radio, and in print. His compositions, like his life, reflect his joy and the love of what he does. Every morning he releases his will to the master artist/creator, giving thanks for the talents he has received; allowing him to fulfill himself and others in lifeʼs journey.