Change is on the Way

The signs are subtle, hard to distinguish against the bright sunshine, waving palm trees, and seemingly endless heat of Florida. However: Autumn is on its way, and with it comes change.

The summer is rapidly reaching its end as more and more students are on their way back to the classroom to learn new concepts. It is a time of mixed feelings for many, as they start the school year, meet up with old and new friends, and take on various academic or work challenges. Everyone is beginning to feel the changes that are arriving. And why?

Because fall represents a time of growth.

Though the plants wither, we humans start to draw together and take new steps. The good times of summer are still fresh, but the need to take real strides towards the future emerges. Whether it is returning to school, starting a new job, or moving somewhere different, we all seem to have come away from summer with an unique, updated outlook on life. It’s an amazing time in which one can radically change his or her way of living.

The problem, then, is maintaining that drive to be challenged, the willingness to change and be creative.

Making a habit of challenging oneself daily is an excellent way to keep things from becoming a monotonous drudgery that takes an entire summer to be expunged from memory. Eleanor Roosevelt is widely considered to have been an incredible, strong, and intelligent woman, and there is a saying which is attributed to her: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” In other words, break the routine – at least a little bit. Go somewhere out of the ordinary, try new foods, speak to a stranger, buy a plant, shake things up, and add a bit of impulse to your life!

Be willing to take a risk and keep at it.

That being said, the best way to make those changes – to keep a little creativity in your life – is in incremental stages instead of large, sudden events. For example, a habit is a small, consistent practice, and it is said that a habit takes roughly twenty-one days to establish, and much longer to break. That means twenty-one days of repeated effort – after which the custom becomes effortless. Try it out: Make a habit of doing something new, something that (no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem) will challenge you in a different manner.

Make a tiny change and see how you grow this fall.

Kiana Lin

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