The Benefits of Your Creativity

Creativity is a term with infinite meanings. However, it is most often portrayed as a means of self-expression. Self-expression, in turn, is healthy for every aspect of a person’s being – spiritual, mental, physical.

For example, it is widely acknowledged that expressing one’s feelings (in any way that does not cause harm to another) is both beneficial and acceptable. While physical exertion, dedication to one’s work or other projects, and even spending time with others are all viable means of getting outside of oneself, using one’s creative talents is most rewarding. Creativity is an innate ability of which everyone is capable, and yet few people turn toward.

There are many different types of creativity, but fundamentally, creative types can be split into two groups. There are those who innovate – they are people who generate new ideas and give that first inspirational push and create from scratch. Then there are also those who revise – these individuals come at pre-established ideas and confront them from a different angle, often improving concepts. Thus, while different, everyone has creative potential.

This potential is not hard to reach or utilize. Simply allowing oneself to do what comes naturally is the perfect and easiest way to start. When creativity is put to use for the expression of one’s emotions and inner-self, physical healing, mental peace, and spiritual growth occur. Whether a person is painting, writing, or composing – or, perhaps, re-engineering, problem solving, or altering the rules: It affects everyone a person touches. And sharing one’s heart and passion with others, expressing oneself through creativity – that is a powerful and healing thing.

Kiana Lin

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